About me


My name is Louise and I was born and bred in South Wales not far from the town of Newport. Sometimes, depending on who I am talking to, I say I live nearer to Cardiff. Newport is a bit rough.

I have been interested in environmental issues for as long as I can remember, involving myself from a young age in local conservation projects. My first degree was in Human Geography with French from the University of Aberystwyth in West Wales. This course was everything that I had hoped for and more, instilling in me a curiosity for ‘alternative’ ways of living and meeting one’s needs. Subject matters were very broad, ranging from development and urban planning, to countryside studies and environmental issues.

My next degree was an MSc in Sustainable Development in Practice from the University of the West of England, which is where I believe my passion for food sustainability was made concrete. My final thesis focused on how community growing initiatives from across Bristol can be re-imagined as a feasible and important alternative to existing unsustainable food systems.

As I have grown, so has my interest in issues surrounding food production, and I have had the incredible privilege of being able to travel further afield to gain more experiences in projects overseas across Southeast Asia and Europe. This is something that I intend to continue.



2 thoughts on “About me

  1. HI Louise. Picked up your blog via your dads Facebook post (Glynis my wife and I went to school with your mum!). Really interesting and worthwhile things you are getting involved with – keep posting what you are seeing and doing. Well done – you are making a difference!


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