When I am around you my skin sings
Echoing calls and coos of distant feathered things

Verdant complexions caress and calm my gaze
Your cool breath billows round in pulls and turns and sways

Winding ways whisper of wanderers past and planned
At times I feel I can sense them from right here where I stand

Snaps and squeaks and scutters send my roots spiraling down
Sinking deep into your soft and safe and leafy down

Potted prints of shoes and boots and hooves and claws and paws
Meander through the quiet of the forest’s ferny floors

And through the golden dappled light, I think I almost see
The fine threads running through seemlessly, binding you to me

This poem has come from thoughts beginning yesterday, the first day of British springtime, and waswritten today on the International Day of Forests and the World Poetry Day. Its title, ‘Shinrin-Yoku’, is Japanese for ‘Forest Bathing’.


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