New Year, New Me

Every time that it comes to the turn of the year
The people all gather, and so often I hear

“New Year, New me- a fresh brand new start”
As if twenty-four hours can fix all in your heart

But this concept of “new” I just can’t understand
A whole past washed away just as waves wash the sand

I don’t want a new start- I am not a blank canvas
But a mix of strange colours painting joy, fear and sadness

Nor an unwritten book full of empty white pages
But a tome strewn with words that I’ve cast through the ages

I would never wish I could erase all that I am
All I’ve been, said and done since my short life began

For these are the foundations from which I will build
Maybe some blocks were broken, confused, unfulfilled

But these blocks are what made me what I am today
If I made a new start, well- then who is to say…

That I wont break more blocks the next time around
When building this “new me” right up from the ground

‘Cause the truth of the matter is when all’s said and done
We all make mistakes and I’m only human

So I’ll just keep on building and I’m doing my best
To take care of the old blocks as I add on the rest

And this year I don’t wish to be a “new me”
But to learn from my past and to live peacefully


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