Ode To The Reverse Robin Hood

Ode to our dear old
Reverse Robin Hood
Who gives to the richest
And steals from the good

You probably know him
Have one of your own
Reeks of lies and self-interest
With a smile made of stone

Tries his best to convince
He’s a regular bloke
Sipping pints down the local
With the working class folk

But nobody’s fooled
By how these things appear
You claimed more last year on pencils
Than I’d ever earn in a year

No concern for the land
Campaign though we may
But he’ll always turn up
When discussing his pay

He insists that he cannot
Spare one penny more
On schools and health services
(But has plenty for war)

Don’t feel singled out now
I think it’s well known
You have your gang of old cronies
It’s not you on your own

And hmm… let me guess
They’re all old white men in suits
‘Cause god forbid you should have
A more representative institute

And how dare you blame immigrants
The jobless and poor
For the money they claim
And the help they ask for

‘Cause the only benefit scam
That is happening here
Is the money in your circles
That, somehow, disappears

You speak of tackling poverty
Of spreading the wealth around
That everyone will benefit
From the wealth that “trickles down”

But the system is broken
And that, you ensure
So the money continues to flow
To the richest, from the poor

How have you the audacity
To do the things you do
The vulnerable bear the burden
While the least is brought to you

Your power is a privilege
Not chance for fortune and fame
Decisions must be made by us
Not just in our name.


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