Life After Laundry Land

I come from the Land of comfort

Matching furniture and heavy curtains
Clean, cold kitchen floors
Garages and gardens
And lists of household chores

Rooms are scented thickly with
“that nice fresh laundry smell”
Bathroom sinks are surrounded
With soapbars, creams and gels

Its soundtrack is kettles boiling
And keys turning in doors
Televisions and phones ringing
And jingling cutlery drawers

Refrigerator fronts are covered
With magnets and shopping lists
And inside they’re filled up with all
The deals that cant afford to be missed

In this Land, Nature is admired
But only through glass panes
Green spaces are allocated with signs
Warning all of “No Ball Games”

Suburbs and supermarkets
And schools with slow-down signs
Neighbours wave politely
Then quickly dash back inside

This is the Land of the automobile
An island for the carless
Street lamps leak an orange light
Into a night thats starless

Here disorder is embarrassing
Apologies are made
And the folk they sleep and drive and work
Until the mortgage’s paid

I do not mean to sound so harsh
So grumpy and so hateful
Because actually for this upbringing
I am truly grateful

Its made me who I am today
With thoughts and hopes and dreams
But its also made me realise
That there’s more to life than it seems

I yearn for the Land of Simple Things

Where things are made
Borrowed and shared
Used right up til they’re broken
And then they are repaired

The rich smell of earth
Is what dwells here inside
And flowers and fragrances
Of herbs hanging out to dry

Its soundtrack is organic
Of birdsong and of breezes
And happy chatter from friends
To whomever it pleases

The Land it is where the food is grown
Cooked up and prepared
And served up back at the home
Where ’round a table it is shared

Here Nature is respected
And enjoyed every day
It’s integral to the life there
How we eat, sleep, work and play

This is the Land where the soil is blessed
For each of its creations
Where nights are passed in sweet darkness
Searching for constellations

Here each moment is considered
The pace of life is slow
There’s time to stand and stare and watch
As the garden out there grows

Perhaps its not as comfortable
Less lavish with less ease
But it’s the only Land where I can finally
Live my life in peace


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