Grubs Up!


With the awareness of the environmental crises caused by the livestock industry gaining more and more popularity, many people are starting to ponder what we, as a species, may eat in the future. One solution proposed by researchers, and practiced by many indigenous people for millennia, is to the practice of eating insects, otherwise known as entomophagy.

I had the fortune of visiting one restaurant which has become one of the UK’s first establishments to serve insects on their menu. Grub Kitchen is a restaurant in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales, not far from the city of St. Davids. They promote eating insects as a sustainable solution to the global food system, seeking to engage customers with the nutritional benefits and positive environmental implications of eating bugs and change it from a novelty to normalcy. The restaurant sources all of its insects from its very own on-location bug farm, so you can truly have the ‘field to fork’ experience.

Entomophagy holds huge potential for our future food sustainability, in particular concerning what has been called the ‘protein challenge’. This, as you can probably guess, deals with the questions of where we will source our protein from once conventional livestock farming comes to an end (whether this is because of resource depletion, climate change or if human beings finally wise-up to their environmental destruction). There is an increasing body of research that breeding, farming and eating insects could be a very feasible option for us on a grander scale.

Ofcourse the sustainability of eating insects is not just inherent, and we still need to be critical of the methods and structures that are used in the farming of insects in order to determine their true sustainability.


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