They call me cold blooded
Annuli studded
No legs, ears or eyes
But I don’t like what this implies
Try and visualise…

No form but I can sense light
Like a warm red glow in the distant night
Discriminating the crude tones of noon
And the gentle claire de lune

I am him, her, me
Hermaphrodite biology
Undulating under the umber earth
My slim, strong body writhes with mirth

Through the soft, buttery soil
I knot and uncoil
Responding to vibrations

Cold blooded; yes, but not without heart
All five of them beating in synch, as an art

No purpose
For me to surface
The open air holds no home for me
Until the rhythm of the rains rouse my reeling body
I erupt into the clean wet air
The veritable ver de terre
Peristalsis propels me within
My locomotives begin
The sweet fragrant rain moistens my skin
But it is over too soon
Six foot under, the sweet darkness is my womb,
My cocoon

Let me linger and soon you’ll behold
That all I touch turns to gold
Earthy treasures untold
(Merely from leaf mold!)

I am Worm of the Earth
Know my worth


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