I am soil
Slip into my sweet dark paradise
Sumptuous feast
For the stalking beasts
That slink beneath my surface

Still, but alive
Pulsating with life, I thrive
I breathe
And from my sacred depths, I conceive
Nourishing each need
Each creature, soul, each seed
So that each one grows
And tantalising your toes
I will baptise your soles
Your soul

Soft safe strong sound substance
My fertile form will cradle you
I’m your beginnings and your ends
On me you can depend
So tend me with your kind hands
Binding you to distant lands
Because I know no borders
I am chaotic order
Spanning all these worlds of mine
Perfect structure in my design

But please
It’s not dirt on your child’s knees
I am soil
I am clean

So be kind
And keep me in mind
There’s no need for these methods which churn, turn and grind
Leave them behind
Spend some time, and you’ll find
I’m Nature’s best recipe
Find beauty in me


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