Life is Like Riding a Bike


Life is like riding a bike
Meandering round on a free-wheeling hike

No-handed thrills
And back-hunching hills
Going so slow you feel like you’re on a treadmill
But you need those steep rises
Those slopes of gargantuous sizes
To appreciate the downhill
The freefall surprises!

And actually, doesn’t it make it more fun?
If it was all flat, and the way forward was just a straight run
No slopes or turns or spirals that spun
The sweet mystery would be lost
You would get there faster, but at what cost?

Riding solo or in convoy
Both of these, you can enjoy
With your friends, you’re the bomb
Riding zigzags along the prom
And you know that you’re all the envy of the land
Cruising the wide roads with your great biker band

But at some point, you know you’ll arrive at a fork
And you know they’ll wheel their way
And you will wheel yours
And soon you will realise you’re rolling alone
Perhaps on a route that was previously unknown

But this is no cause to worry or fret
Because time on your own is just part of the trek
And infact what it actually is, it’s a chance
To reflect on how you next want to advance
So stay calm and keep up those whizzing revolutions
Without knowing you’ll discover your own best solutions
And sooner or later you’ll be back on your way
Perhaps still it’s unknown, but that’s all okay
Because you will find new friends and new known places
On this route that will draw you to what your new space is

Then there are those who exist for their personal best
Every time they go out on their bike it’s a test
Of how far and how fast they can push it this ride
Passing people and moments without care by their side

But sometimes, it can get a bit much- all of that
You feel that if you stop pedalling ahead, you’ll fall flat
And I guess, to a certain extent, that is true
But you know, you can get off and walk with it too!
Or just sit down and take a good rest, no need to risk it
For god’s sake, have some hot tea and a biscuit
When your legs are numb
And you can’t feel your bum
Take your time and don’t worry ‘bout timing ol’ chum!

Because life is not a race, and it’s better when slow
Hold back, change down a gear
Watch your children grow
Or if not kids, watch your plants, whichever applies-
I think, what I mean is, take your time, enjoy the ride.

Maybe these are all empty metaphors
But there’s one thing that’s true about bikerides, life, and yours-
There is a beginning
And there is an end
What you do in between, that depends
Will you embrace the mystery, with the wind in your hair
Or will you get stuck in the race, head down in hot air
Remember that the time in between is worth more
Than anything else that this ride will put forth
So spend it well
Ring your bike bell
And don’t forget to oil your chains


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