Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Perhaps this isn't the best image to use for what I am about to write about here. The snail, enemy of the humble gardener since the dawn of time. But they represent something more than just their penchant for allotment veg. Here, they represent an approach to food, or life even. They represent an appropriate … Continue reading Slow and Steady Wins the Race


Eating as a Social Practice?

1. Introduction Can we achieve a more sustainable food consumption by reframing the act of eating as a social practice? Conventional approaches which see unsustainable eating practices as the result of individuals choosing to behave in environmentally damaging ways are questionable, as they do not take into account the social, political, institutional and other factors … Continue reading Eating as a Social Practice?


  I am soil Slip into my sweet dark paradise Sumptuous feast For the stalking beasts That slink beneath my surface Still, but alive Pulsating with life, I thrive I breathe And from my sacred depths, I conceive Nourishing each need Each creature, soul, each seed So that each one grows And tantalising your toes … Continue reading Soil