Cynefin is a Welsh word meaning haunt, habitat, acquainted, accustomed, familiar. It implies a sense of rootedness—temporal, physical, cultural or spiritual. The word is similar in meaning to the German Heimat and has been compared to the Maori word turangawaewae, meaning a place to stand. Although it is generally loosely translated to mean ‘habitat’ in English, it means much more than this. It comes from the words ‘cyn y fin’, suggesting that being fully part of a habitat means being unafraid to stand “before the edge”, looking outwards, familiar with what is beyond.

This is something that I think is important- negotiating efforts to create a lifestyle that is rooted, and appropriate to where, who and how you are, whilst acknowledging what is ‘out there’.

Most of what I post concerns my thoughts and experiences on the subject of sustainable food and farming. Food is something that unites us all as humans. We grow it, we cook it, we play with it, we share it, we eat it. Conventional farming however, is perhaps the biggest issue we face as a species in terms of our ability to live sustainably. Therefore, how can we feed ourselves in a way that is truly nourishing to both ourselves and our environment?

My research covers subjects such as community food growing projects, food waste, the language of sustainable food systems, ‘scaling-up’ sustainable food projects, and the impacts of the global food system in general. I also write poems, with varying relevance to these themes.

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